No, not the frequently asked questions about New York, but the Questions that are Not Yet Asked Frequently

Who is New Blue Shoe?

NBS is a formerly public blogger seeking somewhere to write where people don't know his name. (Eat your heart out, Cheers!) To be fair, NBS likes to be known, but has decided that in the interest of keeping jobs, clients, and respect, that the thoughts expressed herein might be best separated from his professional persona. Suffice to say, NBS works in the legal industry, in New York, and you'll find out more as things go along.

Who is S?

S is NBS' female sidekick, or fiancee. You choose.

Why "New Blue Shoe?"

It rhymes.

Alternatively, it was the only thing that NBS could think of when trying to think of a pseudonym. NBS reports that while he was in the shower, he thought of "Old Brown Shoe" and "Old Black Shoe" just randomly, and kept playing with the name until NBS was discovered. It fit, not least because in high school, many many moons ago, NBS attended a lacrosse camp, where all of his personal equipment was royal blue, and he achieved for one whole week, the nickname "Blue".

Can You Give Me Legal Advice?

No. Nothing here is to be taken as legal advice, if it is to be taken seriously at all. Some items here will be actual opinions, others will be pure fiction or satire. You may not be able to tell which is which, and that may well be intentional. At no point should you understand ANYTHING here to be legal advice.